About Kris

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How does a Yankee from Northeast Iowa end up in Louisiana? She fell in love – not only with a great guy, but with a memory.

The hints had been there all of my life, but I had never put them together until I was standing toe to toe with Lake Bistineau in February 2002. There is no doubt that it was my destiny to end up here.

I was visiting a friend who introduced me to the lake during Mardi Gras season in Northwest Louisiana.  Still to this day I have a difficult time putting my experience into words. It was a feeling that communicated so deeply and clearly that it moved me to tears. Memories flooded into me, but they weren’t from this lifetime.  But I knew I had been here before, and the feeling was unmistakable that I was home.

A month later I moved to live at Lake Bistineau and still do today.  I still feel the connection, and I love this corner of the earth.  And yes, I have been with the “great guy” who introduced me to the lake all those years ago.

Since moving here I began photographing the landscapes, flora, and fauna of the area.  My photos have been widely published in Louisiana-based magazines and books, and on social media. What I have longed for is one place for people to see not only my photography, but the messages and inspirations that I write. Home really is where the heart is, so….welcome home!